Not to worry — you have not reached the unofficial webpage for the Finnish death metal band Ominum Gatherum, nor a collection of poems by same name penned by the ancient Roman dictator Papirius Cursor, nor is it even a review of Theresa Rebeck’s 2003 dramatic comedy also named O.G.  Although each of the above share an appreciation of the phrase omnium gatherum (the medieval faux-Latin expression meaning “a miscellaneous collection of people or things“), this website is far more pedestrian —  merely the digital ramblings of an american scholar and philologist, a lover of words, language, and communication.

Contained herein is an assemblage of idle curiosities that inspire, delight and intrigue me, and perhaps, even hopefully, will also amuse and edify you. Some posts will be related to language and communication, some to sound and rhythm, and some to musical and geometric harmonics. There are also links to my scholarly publications about listening, ethics, and rhetorical history, as well as miscellaneous items of interest. You can search the site by tags or keywords in the search bar above. Feel free to leave me a message or a comment. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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